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Large shares of companies are seen relying on non-media communications for their B2B marketing; in short it is called “Below The Line Marketing”. The area of exposure in BTL marketing strategy is not wide though, but these behind the scenes campaigns are gaining heat in companies both small and big. As DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO forayed into BTL, its core area, it came forth with various key strategies over a period of time.

At DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIOs we learn that BTL has direct approach to audiences. E-mail, direct mails, telemarketing, events and exhibitions are few of the arms of BTL ( marketing. Often marketing research, audience segmentation, public relations are preliminary marketing efforts that back up BTL but in the recent years, and as experienced by DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO, these strategies are becoming standalone approach in the marketing arena.

Here at DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO we formulate a very flexible approach taking into consideration the budget of the clients. All marketing strategies are woven around the research and target audiences of the company. Asstated by the research professionals BTL strategiesare quick, direct, flexible, easily trackable, intelligent as well as cost effective.

5 Creative Tips Learnt in the Process of Shaping DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO

From scratch to a company that owns a name and has a ranking in Google, DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO has come off a long way. The shaping up of the company has experienced rising and falling graph with many lessons embraced and discarded in the process. Well, now that has an account behind it to be shared.

DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO’s creative head Mohammad Parvez shares that rising need of brands to adopt business in digital space is constantly growing. As an industry insider, Parvez emphasizes on the very fact that keeping oneself hungry for ad and adapting to constantly changing ways in the digital world is the nerve of business.

Here are few takeaway suggestions to young people looking for a career in the industry:-

Stress. Give it a break!

Stressing oneself over petty and trivial things is not worth. No one has a clear sense of direction in the beginning. We perceive the graph as we go.

Treat clients as partners!

Many companies are in the habit of treating clients as a havoc which is not a good practice. All clients must be treated with a respect and moreover as a partner. It is observed through a survey that many companies prefer to keep a distance from clients.

Inspiration and not plagiarism is the keyword 

As quoted by a famous personality “first work of art is an imitation”, it is a wise idea to borrow an idea but not copy as it is.

Keeping the creative zing on! 

It is important to quest for something new every time. Old is gold but new is few.

Change is the spice of trade!

As everything around us is changing it is always better to flow with the tide and thus finally place yourself!