Corporate Gifts / 2017-08-23

Get into the universe of Notebooks, Organizers and Notepads

Your Diary is sort of a representation of your personality. Maybe it is colorful, maybe it is classic, maybe it is quirky or maybe it shows off your favorite character or your favorite quote,  reflects to the uniqueness in you! Just because these are considered a very minute part of our busy life, the attention towards choosing them shows our attention to details in our daily life! Well, here DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO put down some services for your convenience.

In the universe of Notebooks, Organizers and Notepads, we have a diversified carnival to inspire you to write and pen down your thoughts.  In the world of words we provide a range to experiment, explore, poke, play and join this journey that makes writing fun. Finely crafted, laser cut and engraved on rubber wood, these coasters are made for design lovers on the lookout for interesting home accessories. They also make the perfect gift for friends and family.

We provide various patterns, attractive designs in all the mentioned below things :

Diaries -   personal diary,  new year diaries,  Leather Diaries, etc

Notepads -  Personalised Notepads

Organizers -  corporate organisers

If you have been in the search of a more unique approach to promote your company, then you have probably already tried the most common advertising items out in the market that most businesses use. These items are more popularly known as promotional writing tools, key chains, etc. which have been used for decades and somehow, these have started losing their marketing touch to clients. However, based on other business marketing specialists,  if you are unsure how these promotional diaries would work as your advertising tool, here are some benefits to consider why your company should invest on these diaries. Let us talk about the qualitative part.

  • Cost Efficient - The diaries only cost few dollars and would fit any promotional budget a company has, from those who are just starting with their businesses to the business tycoons, anyone can easily afford these corporate diaries.
  • Retaining product image in the public's minds - Corporate diaries are used to jot down company events and are sometimes used as business planners. So if a businessman uses this diary every time he goes to work, whenever he takes out the diary and start writing down important work related information, then your customised corporate diaries will subtly advertise your business for you.
  • Longer business name exposure - Corporate diaries are perfect as Corporate Gifts because not only do these help your customers and clients note down their important and memorable events in their lives. But at the same time, you get to promote your business name every time they do so.

Hence these Notebooks, Notepads,  Organizers and Diaries are far more powerful promotional items compared to the other advertising techniques being used by other companies.