Launch of New Website / 2017-02-21


Large shares of companies are seen relying on non-media communications for their B2B marketing; in short it is called “Below The Line Marketing”. The area of exposure in BTL marketing strategy is not wide though, but these behind the scenes campaigns are gaining heat in companies both small and big. As DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO forayed into BTL, its core area, it came forth with various key strategies over a period of time.

At DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIOs we learn that BTL has direct approach to audiences. E-mail, direct mails, telemarketing, events and exhibitions are few of the arms of BTL ( marketing. Often marketing research, audience segmentation, public relations are preliminary marketing efforts that back up BTL but in the recent years, and as experienced by DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO, these strategies are becoming standalone approach in the marketing arena.

Here at DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO we formulate a very flexible approach taking into consideration the budget of the clients. All marketing strategies are woven around the research and target audiences of the company. Asstated by the research professionals BTL strategiesare quick, direct, flexible, easily trackable, intelligent as well as cost effective.

5 Creative Tips Learnt in the Process of Shaping DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO

From scratch to a company that owns a name and has a ranking in Google, DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO has come off a long way. The shaping up of the company has experienced rising and falling graph with many lessons embraced and discarded in the process. Well, now that has an account behind it to be shared.

DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO’s creative head Mohammad Parvez shares that rising need of brands to adopt business in digital space is constantly growing. As an industry insider, Parvez emphasizes on the very fact that keeping oneself hungry for ad and adapting to constantly changing ways in the digital world is the nerve of business.

Here are few takeaway suggestions to young people looking for a career in the industry:-

Stress. Give it a break!

Stressing oneself over petty and trivial things is not worth. No one has a clear sense of direction in the beginning. We perceive the graph as we go.

Treat clients as partners!

Many companies are in the habit of treating clients as a havoc which is not a good practice. All clients must be treated with a respect and moreover as a partner. It is observed through a survey that many companies prefer to keep a distance from clients.

Inspiration and not plagiarism is the keyword 

As quoted by a famous personality “first work of art is an imitation”, it is a wise idea to borrow an idea but not copy as it is.

Keeping the creative zing on! 

It is important to quest for something new every time. Old is gold but new is few.

Change is the spice of trade!

As everything around us is changing it is always better to flow with the tide and thus finally place yourself!

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Launch of New Website / 2017-03-06

Brochure Printing Creative Brochure Design Offset Printing

DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO is corporate designing and printing company in Delhi, NCR. It is the prominent and most authentic name in the design and print sector that established in the year 2014, at New Delhi, We are best brochure designing as well as social media marketing company among delhites. We endeavour Design and Print services of Catalogue, Hoarding, flex banners, logos and Brochures. We offer services like brochure designing, offset printing, corporate designing, corporate stationary, vinyl printing on sun board, showroom branding, office branding, corporate branding,door-to-door advertising, shop-to-shop flex banners installation, social media marketing, digital marketing and many more.

  DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO has its first ever website ( renovation with even more user friendly and ad oriented features. The revamped new site comprises fresh new look with a more easy navigation. The website now incorporates up-to-date appealing multimedia and blog sections with varied other services.

Through revamping and rebranding DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO we are focusing on the foundation to become no. one ad website.

The site carries improved user-friendly website model, news and blog section, newsletter. We aim at exhibiting our success snippets of the last four years through incorporating videos, case studies, testimonials and team members at DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO

Key findings from audience research and insights from projects conducted on old site have been incorporated.

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Case Studies / 2017-03-06


When we choose a restaurant to dine in, its ambience, menu, and service are just few of the deciding factors. Well, on the similar lines while choosing an ad agency the client portfolio is becoming paramount. Whether it is looking for just a studio job or getting some new freelance clients, a good portfolio speaks for all.

As research and surveys shows thoroughgoing case studies of the work and clients is always better than just a gallery of clients. A series of curated images is out of fad. 

There are many benefits attached to it:-

• It marks off a final presentation for the company profile when you send the work to clients.

• It is a better idea that showcases your work for other companies viewing your website.

• In nutshell this is a good opportunity to exhibit how satisfying customers you have.

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Brochure Designing Printing / 2017-04-20


The Best Brochure Designing Company in Delhi endeavors premium quality brochure Design and Print Services according to the client’s requirement! First, let us define - What are Brochures? A brochure is, fundamentally, a piece of advertising. The dictionary definition is that a brochure is an informative paper document (often also used for advertising), that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products or services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits. A brochure is probably the best way to present an interface for a company which melts away the gap between the company and the readers. It’s not only a visual art form; it’s our passion to Design and Print brochures for our clients. We offer Brochure Designs and Offset Printing. Our attractive and 100% original brochures that let you tell a complete story about your company and what it can do for the client. We have a full-fledged team of creative Brochure Designers of Delhi who hold qualifications and supremacy in brochures designing. We make your business breathe a new life with strong visual communication through layout, pictures, colors and calligraphy. We print high-quality brochures with custom sizes and folding options. One of our biggest strength is that we provide the best quality in your financial blueprint. Have a look at the latest high-quality DESIGNSNPRINT STUDIO’s Brochures.


We offer:
  • Promotional mailer
  • A custom flyer design
  • Tri-fold brochure
  • Sales brochure
  • Product handbook design
  • Marketing brochure
  • Training manual
  • Booklet
  • Pocket folder

Brochures are an indispensable marketing tool for a company. These are the interface that contains information about what company is going to offer clients that help readers make wise purchasing decisions. Our Design and Print Services are famous among delhites.

Contact us. Go for the Best Design and Print Agency in Delhi!

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Vinyl Printing / 2017-05-13

Where I can get cheap Vinyl Printing in Delhi?

Basically, Vinyl printing is the affordable form for an effective promoting outdoor approach for advertising your brand. Vinyl printing is the rising demand in the Indian market. So let’s finish the intro about Vinyl Printing form and concentrate on our question. There are 150+ companies that offer vinyl printing services in the capital- Delhi. This type of printing is done through large format inkjet printers which are capable of a full-color outdoor billboard printing on a single piece of material. Hence the printing work is to be in bulk quantity but we- Designs N Print Studio ensures the quality printing in all shape and sizes according to the client’s requirement. We offer Bulk Vinyl Printing


DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO is corporate designing and printing company in Delhi, NCR. It is the most reliable designing and printing company that promises to offer 100% original, fresh, and creatively proficient vinyl work. We have a specialized team of expert designers that works round the clock to proffer our clients the superlative printing and designing that not only offer successful stories all over Delhi but also build a brand name for ourselves. We provide Vinyl printing at affordable cost along with high-quality results. So the answer to the question is DESIGNS N PRINT STUDIO. We offer high-quality prints along with creatively designed materials at the cheapest rates all over the Delhi. We charge according to the work, no additional charges will be collected from the clients. We offer Bulk Vinyl Printing.


Vinyl Printing Material also comes in a small range of eco-solvent vinyl which can be with or without lamination as per the preference and needs of the client. Inkjet vinyl as compared to normal vinyl, star vinyl or eco-solvent vinyl, is a widely acceptable choice made by many companies these days. It stands out from the line of rest of the printing forms. It looks great but it is not that easy to paste a vinyl print on a wall, manual layperson pasting of vinyl will result in bubble formation. Then whole material will get wasted and it would look shabby as well. It is highly advisable to take the help of a professional paster when pasting your vinyl material so that your hard earned money will not get wasted.

Minimum Order size                      1 Square Feet

Type of lighting                                  LED

Type of Shape                                     Round, Square, Rectangle

Dimension                                            All Dimension

Body Material usage                      Stainless Steel, Acrylic,  and Aluminum 

You can even choose to go with the sunboard mounting of the vinyl which is generally 3 mm or 5 mm in thickness. Also, we provide all above-mentioned services according to the client’s requirements at affordable prices. If you are looking for it, just contact us and we will provide you all these vinyl services in your valuable budget. We are famous for our Vinyl printing in Delhi.

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